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Maria Barrett

I am a post doc working at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I work at the intersection of human, behavioral data and NLP.

Email mria.barrett [at]

Ongoing projects

Named entity recognition for Danish

code base and annotated corpus

Co-reference resolution and entity linking for Danish

Coreference models

Ongoing or recent (co-)supervison

EEG for named entity recognition

MA project by Lukas Mutthenthaler

Fake news detection

PhD project by Terne Sasha Thorn

Part-of-speech tagging using grammatical errors

MA thesis by Shuting Huang

Identification of public-private persons from text

MA project by Hieu Lam and Martin Wu

Grants and awards

Villum International Postdoc 2020

Three years post doc funding at the IT-University of Copenhagen starting July 2020 with the project Modelling relations in text using human data.

Villum press release

2019 ELLIS PhD award

ELLIS press release

CoNLL 2018 Special best paper award

"Sequence classification with human attention."

2018 Facebook Global Literacy Challenge

With Anders Søgaard



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Barrett, M., Skovsgaard, H.,& San Agustin, J. (2009). "Performance evaluation of a Low-Cost gaze tracker for eye typing". In Proceedings of Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction. Lyngby, Denmark: COGAIN (pp. 13-17).

Recent Work Experience

2020 - Present

Post doc

IT University of Copenhagen


2018 - 2020

Post doc

University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute




University of Copenhagen

Title: Improving natural language processing with human data : Eye tracking and other data sources reflecting cognitive text processing.
Supervisor: Prof., Dr.Phil., PhD Anders Søgaard